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Asian Food is Fast and Casual

Burgers, pizzas and Mexican food have all been fast food staples for years. They’ve been primped, tweaked and reworked to the point where there is nothing left to invent. This has left room for fast foods latest belle of the ball – Asian.

It’s the takeaway space where you can really expect to see and taste the interesting and unusual in 2012.


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Rent a Garden?

Apparently renting someone’s garden for a holiday is a big trend in the UK and Europe. Yes you read right, you can rent someone’s garden for your camping holiday. Don’t believe us, well you can click right here …

Travelers looking to save but still enjoy a relatively private holiday, without being bugged by other weird camping enthusiasts, should look into this one. Insiders say that rental demand is expected to grow, faster than a fertilized shrub, during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Consider yourself warned.

If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks this year why not rent out your spot of greenery? This concept hasn’t yet taken off in Cape Town, Franschhoek or any of the surrounds so you could have first-to-market advantage. Nice.

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Games are definitely not only for kids!

We are really looking forward to the rise of Gamification. We love a game – ala Dr. Von Paris – and a game integrated into our daily lives has to be the best thing ever. Seriously, it beats sliced bread hands down.

Imagine interacting with your favourite brands in a way that makes an otherwise normal experience extraodinary.

We all know that we don’t ever grow up; finally some brands have worked it out too!

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The Modern-Day Polaroid

Polaroid’s new PoGo is brilliant (with a capital B). An instant digital camera – so it prints the photos you want straight from the camera using ZINK (Zero Ink Printing Technology). We have no idea what that is but it does sound super-fab.

This is something we desperately want and could find a reason to need. Absolutely justifiable.

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Meat is Hot!

We tweeted a while ago about the fact that butcheries are hot. In fact they are so hot that they are receiving stacks of attention and serious makeovers the world over.

The butcheries of your childhood have been replaced by something a whole lot cooler; and the coolest kid on the block has to be the Victor Churchill Butcher in Sydney.

We are unashamedly unabashedly in love!

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A Wealth of Health

While overseas we noticed more and more restaurants offering healthy menu alternatives for their under-12 patrons. Picture tasty dishes sans the moment-on-the-lips-lifetime-on-the-hips deep-frying.

It’s great to see restaurants committing to balanced, nutritious and inventive kids menus instead of falling into the twice-fried chicken nugget and french fry rut.

There may be hope for us restaurateurs yet.

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Smoked Ricotta is Righteous

Ricotta fans have known about it for a while but Smoked Ricotta has only recently exploded on the food scene.

Used in breakfasts, tarts and as a filler in pastas this low fat cheese – now with extra oomph – is set to put all other cheeses to shame in the upcoming culinary year.

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Multination Vacation

Multi-destination vacations have replaced the one-country-one-hotel holiday. Travellers are now looking to experience more during their travel adventures than ever before.

Itineraries that group together a range of experiences, in different parts of a country, are huge. If you’re not yet on the multi-destination itineraries bandwagon you need to get involved ASAP.

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Taking Room Service to the Next Level

Nothing says holiday escape like room service. Not having to venture out to enjoy sublime cuisine is, in our books, a definite vacation perk.

This year you can expect to see far more synergy between a hotel’s in-house restaurant and their in-room dining options.

Local is in definitely lekker with locally grown ingredients being given prime position on the best in-room dining menus. There is also a big return to comfort food, which totally makes that night-in feel a bit more homely; and our favourite room service trend is the fact that desserts are getting the precedence they deserve.

We are just so excited that hotels are saying hasta-la-vista-baby to second-rate room service menus … finally!

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So hot right now …

Salad is the hot green of the moment.

Say goodbye to the disappointing restaurant salad bars of yesteryear and hello to an entirely salad-focussed offering courtesy of salad only bars which – as luck would have it – are popping up around the world. Picture modern salads with all the toppings you can imagine. It is quick, healthy, delicious and super waistline friendly. Yum-O!

I, for one, am a huge fan of this crunchy-licious trend.

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