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Town & Country – travel edition 2015

In the travel edition of Town & Country (Spring/Summer 2015) writer Graham Boynton waxes lyrical about the Cape Winelands, and Le Quartier Français and Margot Janse!

T&CTRA~1 (2)

T&CTRA~1 (3)

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10 Hotel Turndown Services You Can’t Refuse

CHASE has included Le Quartier Francais in this excellent list of turndowns. See the article: 10 Hotel Turndown Services You Can’t Refuse.

turn down

good night

And here’s our mention:

Sleep Tight
Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek, Cape Winelands, South Africa has a sweet way of wishing guests pleasant dreams. Once the housekeeping team has turned down the bed, they attach a brightly-colored note with a handwritten message to the bathroom mirror. The messages say things like “Sweet dreams,” “Sleep tight,” “Slumber well” and “Good night.” Next to the note: a single bloom vase with a freshly handpicked flower from the property’s garden.

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Margot Janse is TOPKOK

The articles keep pouring in. Margot Janse has recently been featured in Dutch magazine, Maandblad Zuid-Afrika (South Africa Monthly) for her guest chef appearance at Rijks Restaurant in Amsterdam.

We used Google Translate to decipher the spread, and what struck us most was this description of her inspiration of Rembrandt and Vermeer for her dishes at Rijks.

*We’ve edited the excerpt as the quick-fix Internet translation can read a little rough.

For her appearance as a guest chef,  Janse has carefully examined the work of the great seventeenth-century painters, Rembrandt and Vermeer, as well as the still lifes of less familiar painters such as Pieter Claesz , Floris van Dyck and Adriaen van Utrecht .

“With Vermeer I was mostly inspired by his use of colour,” she says. “One of his favourite colours was yellow, and yellow made ​​me immediately think of the maize in South Africa.”


Therefore she has a beautiful soup “made ​​of a maize velouté, finished with milk and Madagascan pepper, as nod to the Milkmaid.

As the light in Vermeer’s work always comes from the left, the chef interprets this with a shadow of corn powder and black sesame to the right of the dish. The sesame, according to Janse was used, as the food you often see in Vermeer’s paintings is bread with sesame seeds on it.

For dessert, the late Rembrandt was her inspiration. One of the ingredients she brought from South Africa was baobab powder. It’s said to be very healthy as it’s rich in calcium and vitamin C. It has a sour taste and if you add the milk, it tastes similar to yoghurt.

Janse created a dessert of baobab curd, coconut ice cream and honey caramelised macadamia with a honey bush sauce. “Rembrandt was a bit more radical in his later life in his way of painting,” says Janse. “He used heavier brushwork, and also more emotion. Therefore, we explain that baobab curd, or labneh, are like rough daubs on the canvas.”

“It has to be right,” she says with conviction. “I believe in telling stories. I can just put fun stuff on a plate, but a dish must also have depth, a soul. “

See the article below:

74755_ZuidAfrika02 8

74755_ZuidAfrika02 9

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Margot Janse on Misset Horeca

Dutch hospitality bible, Misset Horeca, has our Executive Chef Margot Janse on its latest cover! As well as an in-depth interview with the fascinating chef.

See the cover below, and if you can read Dutch, we’ve attached the interview too. Go Margot, go!





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The Tasting Room is featured in Black Ink: the Centurion Guide

The Tasting Room has been ranked among the World’s Best Restaurants by Black Ink!


See the write-up below


Congratulations to all our fellow South African restaurants who were also featured!

Alongside the international editions of Departures and Centurion, American Express Publishing develops US focused counterparts for the North American market. Departures is a global showcase for leading luxury brands, spanning every relevant luxury segment, including Travel, Fashion, Art & Design, Food, Lifestyle Sport, Shopping and Wine & Spirits.  The notorious Black Card, and by extension Black Ink, is only available by invitation to the highest echelon of American Express cardholders. Each issue focuses on a single topic, such as the worlds best restaurants or holiday destinations and seeks to explore it in a way that is relevant and beneficial to the lifestyle of the discriminating, ultra-high-net-worth individual.

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Margot Janse featured in Jamie Magazine

Deck the halls with the festive issue of the Jamie Magazine (U.K )! Margot Janse is in a special feature, where the magazine asked ten of their favourite chefs for their top places to spend the holiday season. Scroll down for the article below, and check out the magazine’s website for some great Christmas cooking tips.

Jamie Magazine Dec Issue 2013 MJ-1

Jamie Magazine Dec Issue 2013 MJ-2

Jamie Magazine Dec Issue 2013 MJ-3

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Margot Janse featured in Caterer and Hotelkeeper

“I always get asked the question what the difference is between male and female chefs is, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually a very sexist question. Food is determined by the person cooking it and gender doesn’t come into that. It’s as simple as that.” – Margot Janse

Margot Janse was recently featured in Caterer and Hotelkeeper!  The magazine is a weekly UK business magazine for hospitality professionals. See the article below.

Caterer and Hotelkeeper 16Aug2013[small]-2

Caterer and Hotelkeeper 16Aug2013[small]-3

Caterer and Hotelkeeper 16Aug2013[small]-4

Caterer and Hotelkeeper 16Aug2013[small]-5

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The best restaurant on the African continent

In an article last week, Larry Olmsted from Forbes, called The Tasting Room, ‘the best restaurant on the African continent’ – we’re deeply honoured and thrilled by this statement.

An excerpt: “While Franschhoeck has a long main street lined with restaurants, shops, wine rooms, and galleries – it simply made for visiting. Filled with art and comprised of rooms in swank freestanding cottages arranged around a pool and gardens, Le Quartier Francais is its best hotel, and the Tasting Room its best restaurant.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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Margot Janse in Food & Home magazine

Margot Janse is featured in the April edition of Food & Home at her country home in Franschhoek. The article jumps into her home life, which is punctuated by laughter, champagne, and family.

food and home magazine

The article includes recipes for:
Sticky ‘Farmer Angus’ beef short-ribs
Pickled cucumber and runner beans
Duncan’s Famous Pear Tarte Tatin
Egg yolk ravioli with mushroom ragout
Oysters with sour fig

food and home feature margot janse
Pickled cucumber and runner beans
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Neil Jewell – ‘pig is the best’

Neil Jewell from Bread & Wine has recently made us proud by being featured in Italy’s “Salami Journal” otherwise known as Premiata Salumeria Italianain. Here are the pages!

imageimage (2)

image (3)

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