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Mrs Ndaba Video

We recently had a group of children take part in the Mrs. Ndaba Fridays Programme. It was so cute that we couldn’t resist putting together this video.

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Mrs Ndaba Update

When we introduced Ndaba Fridays (at the end of 2009) we hoped that, by the end of 2010, would be able to feed the 68 Mrs. Ndaba toddlers every day of week.

We began this initiative with just our Mrs. Ndaba Fridays Culinary Concierge Programme.

Through this programme, interested Le Quartier Français guests are given the opportunity to bake and deliver nutritious muffins to the toddlers every Friday.

On the very first day of the Mrs Ndaba Fridays Programme, one of our guests – Mr Tuesday – liked the concept so much that he decided to sponsor food for a year of Mrs. Ndaba Tuesdays.

A little later on Meneer Wednesday, who hasn’t yet stayed at Le Quartier Français, decided that he too wanted to sponsor a years worth of Mrs. Ndaba days.  So Mrs Ndaba Wednesdays was introduced!

Then along came Mr and Mrs Thursday, Mr and Mr Monday and (most recently) Mr and Mrs Friday. Suddenly, in far less time than we originally anticipated, we have secured five days a week worth of meals for Mrs. Ndaba’s 68 toddlers.

The Ndaba Fridays Programme has proven to be awe-inspiring. It has been amazing and humbling to witness, first hand, how many good and generous people there are in world who are all looking for sustainable ways to change the lives of those in need.

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Mrs. Ndaba’s Meneer Wednesday

Given that it’s Wednesday we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Mrs. Ndaba’s Meneer Wednesday.

Last year, while I was at Harvard, a classmate of mine (born is South Africa and living in Canada) liked the idea of Mrs. Ndaba, her children and giving back.

He actually loved the concept so much that he has become our Meneer* Wednesday and he is responsible for the meal Mrs. Ndaba’s children receive every Wednesday throughout 2010.

Mrs Ndabas 2010 Wednesday Meal.

Mrs Ndaba's 2010 Wednesday Meal.

Through their generosity Mr Tuesday and, more recently, Meneer Wednesday make a big difference in a lot of small local Franschhoek lives.

Meneer Wednesday welcome to the Mrs. Ndaba Family!

*Meneer is Afrikaans for Mr.

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Upcoming Culinary Concierge Adventures

If you’re looking for something a little different, something that isn’t just another cooking class, then you should try one of our upcoming Culinary Concierge Adventures.

We launched the Le Quartier Français Culinary Concierge concept towards the end of 2009 and it has proved to be very popular with guests. This year we have expanded on this concept and we now also create unique Culinary Concierge Experiences tailored to a specific guest’s tastes, interests and the time they have available.

In February we have the following Culinary Concierge Adventures on offer:



Le Quartier Français 2009 Review

It’s been a busy and eventful year at Le Quartier Français.

Our restaurants have continued to do exceptionally well, with The Tasting Room placing 37 in the World Top 50 and Bread & Wine placing in the Eat Out Top 20. Margot has once again showcased her acclaimed cuisine in countries around the world and last month saw the launch of her KLM Business Class menu – which will be served for the next 10 months in KLM Business Class on all flights leaving Amsterdam.

During the course of this year the Le Quartier Français Auberge received a facelift and we added the Grande Rooms and the Petite Garden Suites to our renowned accommodation. We now offer Le Quartier Français guests the Four Quarters Suites, Auberge Suites, Grande Rooms, Petite Garden Suites and Auberge Rooms. The Tasting Room was also redecorated by well-known Dutch set designer, and Margot’s brother, Herbert Janse.

2009 also saw the release of our Culinary Concierge Concept and Programme, which includes the Mrs Ndaba initiative, and we’re proud to say that it has been met with excellent reviews. We’re also proud to say that through our Culinary Concierge Programme our guests, and Mr Tuesday, are making a significant difference in the lives of 67 toddlers.

2009 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone but it has been incredibly rewarding. Enjoy the last few days of your 2009.


Mrs. Ndaba Christmas Video

We have put together a short video of our Instead of Christmas Cards and Gifts Programme.

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Instead of Christmas Cards and Gifts Programme

At Le Quartier Français we believe that Christmas is a time for love and magic!

We like to share and give to those that need it most, so we have an ‘Instead of Christmas Cards and Gifts Programme’.

This year we adopted a local crèche – ‘Mrs Ndaba and her children‘ – and created Muffin Friday and the Mr Tuesday Feeding Scheme. The ‘Instead of Christmas Cards and Gifts Programme’ has paid for these children to have their first Christmas party filled with nutritional food, laughter, clothes to take home, cupcakes, sweets and a visit from Santa Claus.

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Mrs Ndaba Video

So many people have expressed an interest in the Le Quartier Français Culinary Concierge Mrs. Ndaba programme that we thought we’d put together a video clip of the Friday Muffin Magic.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the fabulous Mrs. Ndaba don’t despair, you can still do some good and – at the same time – feel great by joining us on any Friday morning.

For more information about Mrs. Ndaba and the other Culinary Concierge Menu Items please visit the Le Quartier Français website.

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