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Franschhoek artists at is art!

From 11h00 on the 31st of October 2010 to the 29th of November 2010 is art will be hosting an exhibtion showcasing the wealth of Franschhoek artistic talent.

Painters on display include: Annemarie van Heeren with her sensitive rendition of ‘bakkie’ people;  Johannes du Plessis with his accidental landscapes; Andrea Desmond-Smith with her mythical landscapes and figures; Jacqueline Crewe-Brown with her rich and layered canvases pregnant with symbolism; Achim von Arnim and his bursts of colour; Franchois Marais depicts well known figures in his accurate portraiture and Kerri Evans with her sensitive and masterly paintings.

The ceramicists on display include: David Walters, Sarah Walters, Sue van Rensburg and Vuisa Portina. Each bringing their own distinctive style and technique.

In addition Ingrid Bolton’s fine innovative works on paper, Cindy Douglas’s laser etched Zen stones, photography by our own Alisha Erasmus and Paddy Howes; and Stuart Douglas meticulously finished furniture will also be on show.

It’s going to be an exceptional exhibition and if you’re in the Franschhoek area you simply have to pop in!

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The Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden Opens!

Yesterday, Sunday the 17th of October 2010, is art – in conjunction with Le Quartier Français – launched The Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden.

The garden, designed by Sue Norman, showcases indigenous and unusual herbs personally selected by Margot Janse; and it now serves as a private herb pantry for use in the exceptional dishes created – by Margot and her team – in The Tasting Room and The Common Room restaurants.

The Indigenous and Unusual Herb Garden, not content with being just a garden, moonlights as an extraordinary Contemporary Sculpture Garden.

In true is art style only South African sculptors will be showcased in the Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden. The sculptors, on show for the opening, are Angus Taylor and Guy du Toit. Angus will be showing his latest wood stick figures as well as a monumental female bronze and granite figure. While Guy is bound to entertain, and captivate imaginations, with his larger than life bronze dancing bunnies and flocks of birds all cast in bronze.

If you’re in the area pop in, we’d all love to see you!

You’ll find is art at 16 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek. It’s open daily from 10h00 to 17h00. For more info give us a call on 021 876 8443 or email us isart@lqf.co.za

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Strijdom van der Merwe’s Land Art Talk at Le Quartier Français

Strijdom van der Merwe is an acclaimed land artist. He makes use of natural materials provided by his chosen sites.

Using the natural surrounding world – sand, water, wood and rocks – Strijdom van der Merwe shapes the material into geometric forms that change continually until their unavoidable destruction. All that remains – of these forms – is Strijdom van der Merwe’s photographic image.

Strijdom van der Merwe – whose work is presently included in the latest IS Art exhibition – is giving a talk about his Land Art Projects at Le Quartier Français. This talk will take place in the Le Quartier Français Screening Room on Thursday the 12th of August 2010 at 18h30.

To book call Alisha on 021 876 8443.


New Exhibition Opening at IS Art

On the 8th of August 2010 IS Art will open an exhibition of photographic work by Marc Stanes, Clint Strydom and Strijdom van der Merwe. Bronze sculptures, by Guy du Toit, will also be on display.

A Marc Stanes Original

Everyone is invited! If you’d like to attend the opening please contact Ilse or Alisa, on 021 876 8443 / isart@lqf.co.za, for more information

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New exhibition at the IS Art Gallery

The new IS Art Gallery at Le Quartier Français, situated on the Franschhoek Main Road, will be hosting an exhibition of art by leading and emerging South African artists. This exhibition will run from the 11th of June until the 15th of July 2010 with an overall aim of showcasing an exceptional collection of current and topical South African art.

Over this period the IS Art Gallery will feature the majority of visual art forms. This includes painting, the graphic arts, sculpture, ceramics as well as jewellery from leading South African Designers. South African artists taking part in this exhibition include Theo Kleynhans, Hannes Meiring, Jacques Dhont, Judy Bumstead, Guy du Toit, Helen Vaughan, Evette Weyers and others.

IS Art at Le Quartier Français is open daily from 10am to 5pm. For more information please contact Ilse on 021 876 8443 or email us at isart@lqf.co.za.

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