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The Greening of Le Quartier Français

We are constantly tweaking our offering and looking for the right ways to improve it for our guests; and at the same time we are actively reducing the impact these improvements have on our environment.

The most recent Le Quartier Français guest-experience improvement has been the renovation of our two Auberge Suites. These two suites now feature redesigned and refurbished bathrooms, lounges and solar heating throughout.

This means that when you check into a Le Quartier Français Auberge Suite you can enjoy all the luxuries and help the environment at the same time!

In addition to our new solar heated Auberge Suites the following areas of Le Quartier Français already showcase our greener approach:

  1. The swimming pools – they are all solar heated
  2. The restaurants – here our biggest geyser has been fitted with an inverter. This ensures that it uses four times less electricity to heat than a regular geyser
  3. Local produce – a significant portion of the produce, used in the restaurants, is sourced locally.

At Le Quartier Français we are committed to offering our guests the most exceptional experience and, at the same time, consistently and sustainably reducing the impact that experience has on the environment.

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Tasting Room launches new Surprise Menu

Last month Margot Janse, and her team, launched the new Tasting Room Surprise Menu. It has proved to be incredibly popular and – without ruining any of the surprises – we can share that it is packed full of African inspiration and delight!

If you’re looking for a dining experience that will captivate your imagination, and tastebuds, book a table in The Tasting Room and try the new Surprise Menu.

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Owner’s Dinner and Local Wines – The Franschhoek Affair at Le Quartier Français

Take part in an interactive dinner with the Le Quartier Français chefs.

Enjoy a 5 course tasting menu paired with excellent local wines in the comfort and privacy of the Owner’s House.

The cost, per person, for the Owner’s Dinner and Local Wines is R800.00. Space is limited to just 10 people (Friday’s dinner is already fully booked) so please reserve your place, as soon as possible, to avoid any disappointment!

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010
Time: 19:00
Location: The Owner’s House
Cost: R800.00 per person

To book call Michelle on 021 876 8447.

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The Franschhoek Affair: Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant Dinner & Môreson Wines

Enjoy an interactive dinner with Bread & Wine Head Chef, and Charcuterie King, Neil Jewell and Môreson Winemaker – and 2009 Diners Club Young Winemaker of the Year – Clayton Reabow.

Dine out on a 4 course menu paired with award-winning Môreson wines for just R660.00 per person.

Space is limited to just 10 people so please book as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment!

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010
Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Location: Môreson Farm
Cost: R660.00 per person.

To reserve your seat call Tina on 021 876 4004.

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Back to Basics Cooking Class with Le Quartier Français

Take part in the exciting Back to Basics Cooking Class – with Le Quartier Français – and learn how to turn dough into bread, cream into butter and milk into cheese in this authentic artisanal experience!

The course costs R895.00 per person and space is limited to a total of 6 people. Book as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment!

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010
Time: 10:00 – 15:00
Location: Le Quartier Français
Cost: R895.00 per person

To reserve your place, in the Back to Basics Cooking Class over the Franschhoek Affair weekend, call Michelle on 021 876 8447.

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Le Quartier Français and The Franschhoek Affair

From the 25th to the 27th of June 2010 Franschhoek – through the intimate Franschhoek Affair – will be introducing visitors to Franschhoek’s hidden gems.

We, at Le Quartier Français, have put together a few exceptional experiences for visitors. In fact these experiences have proved so popular that the majority of those offered on Friday the 25th of June 2010 are already fully booked (and therefore not included in the list below).

If you’re interested in attending please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

P.S. For detailed information on each experience please visit events section on the Le Quartier Français Facebook Fan Page.

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Exotic Plants now at Môreson

If you’ve visit Le Quartier Français over the last few year you would definitely have noticed our beautiful orchids. We actually can’t take credit for these beautiful plants. Mike Tibbs, from the Exotic Plant Company, handles all our exotic plant and fresh cut flower needs. Mike is our green-fingered magician and he makes sure that, from an indoor plant perspective, the hotel and restaurants always look phenomenal.

The Exotic Plant Company have recently moved their Orchid Nursery and Fresh Cut Flower business to Môreson Farm. They’ve erected a beautiful greenhouse which, as luck would have it, officially opens its first phase tomorrow (Friday the 18th of June 2010). The final phases will be completed by the end of June/July 2010.

The addition of the Exotic Plant Orchid Nursery, to the Môreson offering, means that – as a guest – you can pop in for lunch, at Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant; buy a case or two of the excellent Môreson bubbly, Premium Chardonnay or Pinotage to take home; and pick up a orchid (or three) and some beautiful freshly cut flowers on your way out.

For more information about the Exotic Plant Orchid Nursery at Môreson Farm visit their website or call +2721 876 3399.

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Dining at Noma – The Owner’s Perspective

If you’ve read Margot’s blog post, about our dinner at Noma, you’ll already know that it was fantastic. In fact it was so fantastic that I just had to write about it too.

The entire Noma experience is phenomenal but there are a few things that were standouts for me.

Image courtesy of paz.ca (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pazca/4065853316/)

Image courtesy of paz.ca (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pazca/4065853316/)

The first standout – the décor:

Noma’s décor is minimalist. It showcases beautiful, simple Scandinavian design and there isn’t a tablecloth in sight! In many ways the decor is not what you’d expect from the best restaurant in the world. But it is very true to its heritage and, as we rediscovered throughout the night, Noma is all about being Nordic!
The second standout – the ingredients:

All the ingredients, used at Noma (which incidentally stands for Nordic Food), are from Nordic countries. So, for example, no olive oil is ever used! In fact René and his team (from 21 different countries) spend time foraging on the local beaches for natural and different ingredients.

The third standout – the food:

We indulged in Noma’s 12 course menu. What I experienced was a series of flavours and textures each more extraordinary than the last. From the moment you, as a guest, arrive at Noma you receive food starting with tastes from smoked quail eggs to chicken skin sandwiches. Then the courses start arriving and they ranged from crayfish tales, that have to be eaten by hand, to marrow bones wrapped in brown paper and filled with smoked toffee … all exceptional!

The fourth standout – the plating:

All tastes and courses, at Noma, are served in unusual containers including: old cake tins, felt and rocks from the sea-bed. At Noma the plating is as intriguing as the food. The cutlery, on the other hand, is simple. Only one style and size of knife and fork are used throughout the meal. Then there is the fantastic interaction that guests have with the chefs who come to the table and actually pour the sauce, they’ve created, into the plate. At Noma the artists don’t hide in the kitchen!

The fifth and final standout – the juice pairing:

As someone who doesn’t do wine pairings I find that I end up drinking glass after glass of water with a great meal. As you can imagine this can get a little boring so I absolutely loved the fact that I could have my 12 courses paired with different juices. This made me feel, like I too was experiencing something very special!

The trip was worth every minute and, if you get a booking at Noma, you have to go! This might be a feat in itself because after being named no.1 in the San Pellegrino World Top 50  Restaurant Awards their website crashed, their emails gave up and their phone stopped working. They could be fully booked for the next 3 years but, luckily, they only take bookings 3 months in advance. For more information visit the Noma website.

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Eating at D.O.M in Brazil

Just under a month ago we were in Brazil, South America. We were there to experience their culture and cuisine and introducing them to Franschhoek, South Africa.

One of the highlights of our trip was our meal at D.O.M. The unique cuisine offered at D.O.M is the brainchild of the incredible, Alex Atala. He’s a passionate man and, from the moment you set foot in D.O.M, you can feel his love for both Brazil and food.

Chef Alex Atala in his restaurant D.O.M. Photograph by Cristiano Madureira.

Chef Alex Atala in his restaurant D.O.M. Photograph by Cristiano Madureira.

D.O.M offers diners a menu that highlights indigenous Brazilian flavours. Ingredients, herbs and spices are used to showcase everything that is Brazil. When we dined at D.O.M we experienced Priprioca essence with amazing little squid and beetroot cream, liquid coconut risotto with Dendê oil and mint, Paca fried crispy with manioc and Madeira sauce, Brazil nut cake with dark chocolate whiskey sorbet and a dusting of curry and more.

It is an exceptional restaurant and one that, if you find yourself in South America, you simply have to try.

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Mother’s Day Lunch in the Tasting Room

This Mother’s Day, Sunday 9th May 2010,  the Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français is offering you the opportunity to spoil your mum with an exquisite tasting lunch prepared by Margot Janse and her team.

Experience the delight of a four course tasting menu paired with fine South African wines.

  • four course R350 per person
  • four course with wine R500 per person
  • Children under 12 years R150 per child under 12.

So show your mum how much you care by treating her to Mother’s Day Tasting Room experience.

Seats are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. For reservations and further details please contact us on 021 876-2151 or restaurant@lqf.co.za.

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