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Twist – The Cuisine

At Twist each dish offers four variations of the main ingredient. This means that the portions are huge and I personally found it impossible to eat everything on my plate.

Highlights for me include: the Foie gras, the langoustine and the lamb prepared four different ways. The most unusual and exciting dish I tried has to be potato ice cream with caviar.


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Twist at the Manderin Oriental

I dined at Twist, which is located on top of the Mandarin Oriental, and all I have to say is: WOW!

As a diner you are treated to a spectacular view of the famous strip and when you’re not mooning over the breathtaking view you’re swooning over the sensational décor. Lights that look like tiny planets, stunning crockery – designed by Gagnaire himself and made in Paris – and the Kate Moss of water jugs (super, super stylish).

Top all this delectable décor off with professional and friendly staff and you have one of the finest Vegas dining experiences.

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Our one year blog-a-versary

In a little under a month we would have been blogging for one whole year. Yay!

We’ve had a look through our archives and it really has been some year.

CC attribution charlottemorrall on Flickr

This blog-year we …

It has certainly been a blog-year packed full of the delectable. Here’s hoping that our next blog-year is as fantastic!

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Margot cooking in Brazil

Margot Janse will be cooking, in Brazil, at the Festival Cultura e Gastronomia Tiradentes.

This nine-day feast, now in its 13th year, sees visitors and chefs from around the world descend on Tiradentes.

This year female chefs take the spotlight with appearances being made by prominent Brazilian culinary heroines Helena Rizzo and Bel Coelho; as well as Michelin-starred European chefs Angela Hartnett , Adeline Grattard and Pepa Romans; and, of course, our very own Margot Janse.

For more information about the Festival Cultura e Gastronomia Tiradentes click here.

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New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

If you could eat anywhere in New York, LA or Las Vegas where would it be?

CC attribution Grufnik on Flickr

As you’ve probably guessed I am heading off to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I have a lot of work to do in the USA but I will definitely find time to dine at a selection of fabulous restaurants.

CC attribution kern.justin on Flickr

While you may not be on the trip, or in the restaurant with me, I do plan on including all of you in my adventure. I will be posting all my great finds and experiences right here on this blog. How exciting!

If there is anywhere you think I simply have to visit please let me know.

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Strijdom van der Merwe’s Land Art Talk at Le Quartier Français

Strijdom van der Merwe is an acclaimed land artist. He makes use of natural materials provided by his chosen sites.

Using the natural surrounding world – sand, water, wood and rocks – Strijdom van der Merwe shapes the material into geometric forms that change continually until their unavoidable destruction. All that remains – of these forms – is Strijdom van der Merwe’s photographic image.

Strijdom van der Merwe – whose work is presently included in the latest IS Art exhibition – is giving a talk about his Land Art Projects at Le Quartier Français. This talk will take place in the Le Quartier Français Screening Room on Thursday the 12th of August 2010 at 18h30.

To book call Alisha on 021 876 8443.


Our Local is still Lekker 2010

Our fabulous Local is Lekker 2010 special is still running!

It is an absolute steal at R895 per person and it includes -

  • Bed and a delectable breakfast
  • R150 worth of Le Quartier Français currency to put towards one of our experiences; think a meal, a massage, a movie, a cooking class or some other magical element of our exceptional offering.

Escape to Franschhoek on that weekend break or, if you’re daring, mid-week escape … at R895 per person per night (with added extras) it is definitely the most delicious offer in the winelands!

To book call 021 876 2151 or email us: res@lqf.co.za



New Exhibition Opening at IS Art

On the 8th of August 2010 IS Art will open an exhibition of photographic work by Marc Stanes, Clint Strydom and Strijdom van der Merwe. Bronze sculptures, by Guy du Toit, will also be on display.

A Marc Stanes Original

Everyone is invited! If you’d like to attend the opening please contact Ilse or Alisa, on 021 876 8443 / isart@lqf.co.za, for more information

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The Greenhouse Restaurant Relaunches at The Cellars-Hohenort

The Cellars-Hohenort has just relaunched their flagship fine dining restaurant, The Greenhouse.

It is limited to 45 seats, open just five nights a week and it sees Peter Tempelhoff returning full-time to the kitchen.

Congratulations to Mrs. M and her team on this great addition to the South African culinary scene. We, like so many others, can’t wait to dine at The Greenhouse!

For more information, about The Greenhouse Restaurant, visit The Collection’s blog. To reserve your table call +2721 794 2137.

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You Deserve a Break …

Luckily we are still running our 2010 Local is Lekker R895 per person special. It’s a spectacular offer and it includes:

Our delectable breakfast (we’re you’ll have a chance to meet our world famous sticky bun)
R150 worth of Le Quartier Français money to spend on one of our experiences. It could be a massage, it could be a meal in iCi or it could be Margot’s new Surprise Menu in The Tasting Room.

CC attribution natalia & gabriel on Flickr

What are you waiting for? Phone us on 021 876 2151 to book right now!

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