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Yelcho Lodge

I’ve been cooking up something exciting in Chile these last couple of weeks. Charlotte Pennington (from Santiago) and I have refurbished Yelcho Lodge using the talents of local craftsmen. It’s been an amazing process, and puma have been spotted twice in the last two weeks on the property!


And no wonder as the lodge is in the heart of the unspoilt wild, situated in the middle of mountains and glaciers: Yelcho en la Patagonia is located on the shores of one of the largest lakes in Chile, Lake Yelcho. It’s an ideal getaway for the adventurer traveller; plenty of fly fishing and hiking to do. But it’s also perfect for those looking to escape the hum of big cities, and to relax in pristine nature.

The lodge has been restyled and is now the epitome of cosy elegance. Rustic yet sophisticated. The food’s pretty good too! (The wine list has over 65 types of Chilean wine.)

The lodge re-opens today and it’s looking beautiful! ! Head over to their Facebook page to see the transformation in progress. For more information visit their website

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