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Le Quartier Français has been nominated for a Virtuoso Best of the Best Award!

We have been selected as a Most Socially Responsible, nominee for our Mrs. Ndaba initiative, in the fourth annual Virtuoso Best of the Best Awards.

This is the second Best of the Best Awards we’ve been nominated for. In the inaugural Best of the Best awards, 4 years ago, we were lucky enough to win the Best Culinary Experience Category.

We are very excited and humbled to be included in this year’s Best of the Best Awards Most Socially Responsible category. Our Mrs. Ndaba initiative is a project that has proven to be completely awe-inspiring. It has been amazing to witness, first hand, how many good and generous people there are in world who are all looking for sustainable ways to change the lives of those in need.

Thank you to Mr and Mr Monday, Mr Tuesday, Meneer Wednesday, Mr and Mrs Thursday, Mr and Mrs Friday, Daf (who ran the 2010 Comrades Marathon for Mrs. Ndaba) and everyone else who has made it possible for us to feed 68 toddlers – everyday of the week – for the next year!

The Best of the Best Awards ceremony, takes place on Wednesday the 18th of August at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. During this ceremony all the nominees, in their respective categories, and the 10 overall category winners will be celebrated.

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Awards Conundrum

On the 26th of April 2010 we found out that we placed 31st in the S.Pelligrino World Top 50. This year is the sixth consecutive, and seventh year overall, that we’ve been included in the World Top 50 Restaurants. It’s always a huge honour but awards, in the hospitality and food industry, are a double-edged sword.

On the positive side it’s fantastic recognition and, in the eyes of the guest, it places you on another level. Plus who doesn’t enjoy awards? It makes you feel important and noticed. It makes you feel that – on some level – what you’re doing is worth it. Which is a little ridiculous because if you really think about it, if you really love what you do (and at Le Quartier Français we love what we do), it doesn’t matter whether you win an award or not. If you’re passionate you shouldn’t need to be recognised, your passion should be enough. But somehow, even keeping the whole passion argument in mind, it does matter. Being recognised is important but being recognised also makes it incredibly difficult to manage guests’ expectations.

When you’ve been considered a Top 50 restaurant for six consecutive years, like we have, some people expect an experience that is impossible to deliver. In fact if we weren’t in the industry we’d also have unrealistic expectations about some of the award winning restaurants.

Mind you we’re not complaining, we’re just saying that while we wait every year – with bated breathe – to find out if and where in the Top 50 we have placed we hope we did both better and worse than the previous year. Because better would be mean keeping the dragon off our back, for another 365 days, and worse would mean the ability to exceed more of our guests’ expectations.

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World Top 50 Announcement

This year has seen the Tasting Room place 31 overall (6 places higher than last year’s 37th place). In fact Margot was the only female chef to achieve a place in the 2010 World Top 50.

We’ve once again found ourselves in fine local company with La Colombe, another South African restaurant, appearing at number 12 in the top 50 rankings. They also clinched the title of 2010 Best Restaurant in Africa and the Middle East. Congratulations La Colombe!

This year marks six consecutive years in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings and, for us, this is phenomenal and in many ways unbelievable. Every year global food and fine-dining standards improve exponentially and the competition, this year, was incredibly stiff. We consider it a huge honour to have once again been included. It is also fantastic that another South African restaurant has again – along with us – been recognized and it reinforces our belief that South Africa, as a food destination, continues to impress on the global culinary stage.



Last Day of Voting for the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Survey

Remember today is the last you can vote for Le Quartier Français in the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Survey for 2010.

Vote and stand in line to win the Travel & Leisure Dream Holiday worth a not-to-be-sneezed-at $10,000.00.

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Travel and Leisure World’s Best Voting

Just a little reminder … if you haven’t yet voted, but you want to, please head on over to the Travel and Leisure website to vote for Le Quartier Français in the Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards Survery for 2010. Wow now that’s a mouthful.

To those of you that have already voted we extend a very big THANK YOU!

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Food 24 Sizzling Chefs Competition

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which is this Sunday, Food 24 are searching for the most Sizzling South African Chef. In their line up of prospective Sizzlers they’re included Margot Janse and Annemarie Steenkamp (our Culinary Concierge).

Its difficult for men, and some women, to focus on the cooking when Annemarie is in the room.

It's difficult for men, and some women, to focus on the cooking when Annemarie is in the room.

We’d love one of them to win the coveted title of Sizzling South African Chef because, well, a title like that is worth about two months of endless teasing in the kitchen. For them to win we need you to vote.

To vote click here and you’ll find them on the second page of Sizzlers.


Travel and Leisure – World’s Best Survey for 2010

It’s that time of year again … the voting has opened for the 2010 Travel & Leisure World’s Best Survey.

So if you’ve stayed with us, or you like what we’re doing at Le Quartier Français, or you’ve had a delicious meal in one of our restaurants, or you’ve had a phenomenal Culinary Concierge Experience or you just enjoy reading our blog please pop on over to the Travel & Leisure website and take five short minutes to vote for us.

If you’d like to vote (and we’d love you to vote) you can click here.

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Le Quartier Français features in the Condé Nast 2010 Gold List

Le Quartier Français has been awarded the joint title of Best Hotels for Food in Africa, Middle East in the Condé Nast 2010 Gold List. Our very popular culinary offering, consisting of The Tasting Room and iCi, was singled out for its “X-factor“.

Image Courtesy of  Doug88888 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/doug88888)

Image Courtesy of Doug88888 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/doug88888)

The Condé Nast Gold List is the Condé Nast guide to their selection of the world’s greatest hotels as chosen by the magazine’s editors and travel experts. The hotels selected receive a gold award in a given category. The categories, for the 2010 Condé Nast Gold List are: service, location, food, rooms, leisure facilities, ambience and design.

There were two other exceptional hotels that shared the Best Hotels for Food in Africa, Middle East with Le Quartier Français – these were Bushmans Kloof, for their excellent culinary offering; and Maia (in the Seychelles) for their chef-rich approach.

Everyone here feels very priviledged to be in such spectacular local and international company! Congratulations to all the other hotels that were included in the 2010 Condé Nast Gold List.

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Le Quartier Français in 2009 Eat Out top 10

Le Quartier Français has once again been included in the Prudential Eat Out top 10 restaurants and we’re not alone. Grande Provence, another Franschhoek Restaurant, also placed in the top 10. Congratulation Grande Provence!

Other Franschhoek restaurants that placed in the top 20 were Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant – home of Neil’s delicious charcuterie – and Reubens.

This year’s Eat Out awards saw a female chef, Chantel Dartnall from Mosaic Restaurant in Pretoria, win the title of Prudential Eat Out Chef of the Year. We’re big fans to female chefs (obviously) so well done Chantel!

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