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How to mix the perfect G&T

Good news folks, we’ve started using local brand, Fitch & Leedes’s  Indian Tonic and Soda Water in our bar.

We already use a local gin too from Inverroche Distillery in Stilbaai; come and try a perfectly mixed (locavore) G&T in The Living Room. Or, make it yourself at home using these tips:

fitch and leedes

How to mix the perfect G&T
Chill highballs in the freezer (nothing worse than a tepid G&T…)
When you’re ready for your G&T, remove glasses from the freezer and pack with ice, two fingers from the rim (the more ice there is, the less it will melt and dilute the flavours of the drink).
Add two shots of local, Inverroche Gin
Run a lemon or lime around the rim of the glass, give a gentle squeeze and drop it in
Serve Fitch & Leedes  Indian Tonic on the side,  so the drinker can be in control of the drink


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