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Ardmore’s fabulous fabric

Ardmore Ceramics, famed for their unique hand-painted and hand-sculpted South African ceramic artworks, have joined the textile game.

The story goes that in 2011, Ardmore created the Qalakabusha sofa and they partnered with Mavromac in an on-going limited release of the sofa. (Mavromac is a trade showroom brand housing ‘superb selections of high end furnishing fabrics and wall coverings for sale to the interior design trade, specifiers, architects and contractors’.)

The collaboration of the original sofa opened the avenue for the two brands to continue working together for the Ardmore Fabric Journal.

Pay us a visit in The Living Room—and keep an eye out for our special lampshade made with fabric from the range, entitled ‘Wonderboy Wisdom’. Isn’t it beautiful?

ardmore fabric

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