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Five ways to warm up at LQF this autumn

There’s a cold snap in the air… so why not snap your fingers and wish yourself to Le Quartier Français, we have a variety of  ways to warm you right up.

1. Pop into B.gorgeous and get a wash-and-blow in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere—you may as well take advantage of the foot soak that comes with the pedicure too.

2. Sit by the fireside in the Lounge Bar with a cup of Lady Bonin Tea.

Lady Bonin Tea

3. Cuddle under blankets in your own private garden in one of our suites, while gazing up at the stars in the clear country sky.

4. Grab a colourful casserole dish from our Le Creuset pop-up shop and cook something hearty at home.

5. Indulge in a hot breakfast in The Garden Room, ensconced in a cosy nook.

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