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Charcuterie workshops with Neil Jewell

The only limit to what you can make is your own imagination.  Discover the world of nose-to-tail eating and preserving through the ancient craft of charcuterie with local legend, Neil Jewell!


The head chef and charcuterist of Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant on Môreson will once again be conducting a host of charcuterie workshops.


The workshops – which each take place over two days – cover the making of savoury French style sausage, cooked and air-dried hams, blood sausage and more. The cost per person is R2750, and this includes not only in-depth two day workshop, but also a feast in Bread & Wine with award-winning Môreson wines, charcuterie tastings, secrets and recipes to take home, as well as your very own Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant apron. Hop on over here to see some photos from last year.

Space is limited to just 16 participants, per course, so early bookings are essential! See the full details below, and to book please contact Tina Jewell on 021 876 4004 or email breadandwine@moreson.co.za

Neil’s Charcuterie Programme:

Day 1
1. Registration and Coffee 09h30
2. Lesson: Breaking down of the pig carcass by Neil
3. Tea break
4. Lesson: Neil introduces and discusses the nuances of dry curing, brining and more
5. Lunch and a tasting of award-winning wines from Môreson
6. Lesson: Neil demonstrates how to create blood sausage, mortedella and saussison sec, with appropriate tastings
7. Practical: participants create their own fresh sausages.

Day 2
1. Coffee 09h30
2. Lesson: Neil introduces and discusses rilette, confit and base ingredients
3. Discussion: Opportunity to raise any questions regarding the art of charcuterie

that have not yet been covered
4. Lesson: Neil demonstrates how to build an indoor smoker and experiments with mushroom, cheese, pepper or tomato. Participants go on a guided tour of Neil’s smokers, selected wood chips and more
5. Tea break
6. Practical: Tasting of meats, from the maturing room, with Neil

Neil’s Charcuterie Programme includes the following:
• Recipes for all the sausages, hams and other charcuterie produced
• A Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant apron.


22nd & 23rd May
12th & 13th June
7th & 8th August
18th & 19th  September
16th & 17th October

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