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WIN with #MyApron!

We’ve been cooking up a rather fun idea: think up an inventive slogan for an apron and win an incredible prize package valued at R25,000! You’ll need to tweet your brainchild at us, with Twitter handles @lequaf and @LeCreusetSA as well as #MyApron. See below for full details and instructions.


Posted by: Susan Huxter
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4 Responses to “WIN with #MyApron!”

  1. Anita Steenkamp says:

    Wow, what a great competition!!!!

  2. Engela Timcke says:

    Fantastic idea!!! Loving it. I ve her heard only good things about the food and hotel. X

  3. Naadia says:

    I am tres excited about this competition!

  4. [...] judging rules for #MyApron We had a huge amount of fun on Twitter these last few weeks with our #MyApron campaign! Please see the rules below, which we will abide by when [...]

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