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The rise of the Flexitarians

Pescatarians, vegetarians, fruitarians – and finally a sensible diet, flexitarian. What is this? “Carnivores who are happy to eat only the best quality meat but those who feel equally happy with a plate of pure veg.”

Yip, that means no more meats plumped up with water and chemicals. Instead, pasture-reared pork/beef/chicken where the animal has lived a good life and the meat is so much better for it.

In its extreme, flexitarianists are vegetarians who occasionally indulge in meat.

It’s said that :’ This movement will be driven further by chefs at the top of chain intent on developing vegetable driven menus, chefs like Alexis Gauthier and his Vegetronic cuisine: non-vegetarian vegetable tasting menus with dishes such as carrots lovingly bathed in lamb juices. Could we see Vegetarians opting to take part in Meaty Fridays? One day of the week when bacon is allowed?”

Well, if you can only eat bacon one day of the week – then you had better make sure it’s the best, artisan bacon available, free of the nasties and full on the taste. Check out www.baconofthemonth.co.za

Take a look what blogger extraordinaire Matt Allison made with one of his many Bacon of the Month instalments, a delicious homemade quattro stagioni
matt alison pizza

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