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Inside The Tasting Room kitchen

The Tasting Room: the place where executive chef, Margot Janse, works her special kind of magic with her team of dedicated chefs. The domain of surprise.  of local flavour. of adventure. Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the kitchen? Wonder no more.

We can’t show you the dishes in detail – because, well, they’re a surprise – but we can show you the beautiful kitchen, The Tasting Room’s culinary playground. To see what went into creating the kitchen, jump on over to this post.

Margot Janse plating

Margot Janse plating

Ain't it pretty?

Ain't she pretty?

Precision and imagination make for exciting plating

Precision and imagination make for exciting plating






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  1. james says:

    Very nice indeed. I would love to work there again.

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