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Edible Cinema

In London or planning a trip? Then make sure to check out Edible Cinema where you ‘See the film, taste the film’.

We’re all well indoctrinated to the taste of salty popcorn followed by a slurp of soda at the movies—Edible Cinema has turned this usual fare on its head, by offering cinema buffs the ‘a unique way to experience a film through aroma, texture and taste’.


Before the movie begins each participant is supplied with a tray of numbered mystery boxes containing a bite-sized tasting menu which are said to be tailored to specific moments in the film.

For example at a screening of the 1981 classic An American Werewolf in London, there is a scene where the werewolf is about to much on some hapless tramps—the accompaniment was a “tramp’s finger” made from cola-smoked quail, complete with charcoal nail.

See the line-up of screenings here: www.ediblecinema.co.uk

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