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The Croiss Dog Cult

It’s an obsession. It’s not a croissant. It’s not a hotdog. It’s the ultimate hybrid in snacking.

Croiss Dog

The Croiss Dog! Layers of flaky, buttery, croissant pastry ensconce a delectable bacon sausage made by Neil ‘His Royal Porkness’ Jewell. The mania-inducing crossed croissant is served with confit tomato and mustard cabbage.

The sausage has been cold-smoked and seasoned with garlic and coriander. Made from three of Neil’s favourite meats: pasture-reared bacon, waygu beef and Charlie’s pork – “It doesn’t get any better than this,” said the Charcuterie King.

Some didn’t think it was possible. Until that first bite.

Come and join The Croiss Dog Cult at Le Quartier Lounge Bar!

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