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Is Art: An exhibition of painting and sculpture by Rina Stutzer and Sarel Petrus

“VASPEN” (oor tent penne, ink penne en als wat die vlietende probeer vaspen) also loosely translated as… “PEG DOWN” (about tent pegs, ink pens and everything that attempts to pin down the transitory)

VASPEN will run from 3 November – 3 December 2013 at is art in Franschhoek, adjacent to Le Quartier Français

This two person exhibition by Sarel Petrus and Rina Stutzer, presents metaphor and material that visually questions the permanence of “things”.

Both artists’ work with the “nomadic” as an approach to art-making, as well as a theme. The “nomadic” way allows for the search of meaning and truth. These motifs imply a sense of curiosity, adventure, exploration and research – which is integral to our being, as South Africans.

Exhibition - Nov 2013 - Peg Down

For Petrus’s bronze sculptures he harvests naturally found organic material – such as bone, wood and stone, imprinted by recordings – as a means of capturing fleeting poetic thoughts… in the same way that love letters capture a longing for that which is unattainable. Petrus’s sculptural vocabulary and poetic muse is significantly informed by field excursions in the ‘veld’.

Stutzer investigates both sculptural form and painting. In her recent works, she explores painting with acid on cast bronze canvas and copper plate, as an ever-changing image. These images are presented alongside digital prints of the painting at the time of “official completion” (from when they are no longer actively worked on, but after which time the patina and oxidization continues to alter the image). The motifs of nomadic dwellings within a natural milieu – for example the tent, caravan and pumpkin hut – are also inherent of the idea of temporal settlement and resettlement. Additionally, works on paper and oil on canvas will form part of her focus on the “nomadic”.

Event: PEG DOWN | VASPEN – An exhibition of Painting & Sculpture
Venue: is art at Le Quartier Français
Address: 16 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek
Date: 3 November – 3 December 2013
Gallery Hours: Weekdays 09h00-17h00 & Weekends 10h00-17h00
Enquiries: Ilse or Alisha – gallery@lqf.co.za / 021 876 8443

Enquiries: Ilse or Alisha – gallery@lqf.co.za / 021 876 8443

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