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Designers, entrepreneurs and animal lovers, couple Lexi Fontein and Graeme Lipschitz are the brains behind our new logos and design work. We caught up with them and delved into the world of The Wonderland Collective


Can you tell us about Wonderland Collective as a business?
We had a dream to not only establish a boutique design agency that would create beautiful commissioned designs, but to also stretch our creativity into innovative real life products. While Wonderland Works would create digital magic on behalf of their clients, Wonderland Collective, would be the physical product arm of the company.

Please elaborate on your contributions to animal charities & rehabilitation?
We started Wonderland Collective as a vehicle to help the world be a better place. We do this through various avenues. 

1. We love sharing our skills. We have recently donated our time to the Sozo Foundation where we taught 12 high school kids a course titled “An Introduction to Graphic Design“.

2. We’ve partnered with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
We are giving both a financial and time donation to this organisation. We have designed their new site www.iworry.org, which will be launching in the next couple of weeks. We also give a percentage of our products to them. We love the work they are doing and are thrilled to be able to help where we can. We also want people to know if they are buying our products, they are in essence helping the animals the trust works with.

Tell us more about your engraved skateboards you’ve created to tie in with the above charity?
“The 3 Letter Predators” is a range of 3 laser engraved skateboard decks inspired by the characters in “The Midnight Folk”, a book by John Masefield which was first published in 1927. “The Owl”, “The Fox”, and “The Cat” were illustrated by the Wonderland Works illustration team, who experimented with the laser on wood format extensively before the final range was produced. The decks are fully skateable, but they survive much better as wall art or as installations.

You’re responsible for the LQF’s new logos and design work. What inspired you?
This is a toughie to answer. The overarching idea that inspired the team was the LQF experience one has when you visit either for cocktails, dinner, or for the night.

The sense of luxury with a quirky and mischievous twist. The colour scheme at LQF also really played to our advantage when developing the new brand and visual language. It is so fresh and vibrant, and can only make you feel excited about the experience you’re about to delve into.

Your favourite cocktail and bite at the new bar?
It would have to be the pineapple and ginger motijo! I also LOVED the crayfish popcorn. Yummy!

Describe yourself in three words
Lexi: Creative; passionate; driven
Graeme: Maverick; entrepreneur; enigmatic

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