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Neil Jewell’s braai tips for Heritage Day

On 24th of September, South Africans unite across the country over hot coals and open skies for Braai Day aka Heritage Day! It’s a day to celebrate not only our cultural diversity—but our favourite national pastime too, the braai.

Neil Jewell of Bread & Wine, who’s no stranger to open-air cooking, has succinctly shared his top tips for braaiing.

Neil Jewell

Take it away Neil!

Use an onion to clean the grid (I learnt this one from my dad!))
Don’t use too many firelighters
Don’t poke the meat with sharp instruments
Don’t overturn your meat
Get the meat out of the fridge early enough so it is at room temperatrure before cooking
If using a basting with sugar in it, use at the end of the cooking process only, or your meat will burn
But most importantly—make sure there’s enough beer in the fridge, before you start braaiing!

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