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Onwards and upwards! We recently received the very good news that the children we feed with The Kusasa Project, have been given Reading Egg computers through the Click Foundation! Good food and good education? We think that’s a winning combination!

reading egg

Help support Margot Janse and Saskia Blaisse, under the team banner VIRGIN ORANGE, who will be running The Cape Town Marathon on 22 September 2013 to raise funds for The Kusasa Project! Read more about it here.

We facilated and introduced the click foundation to kusasa’s we feed the kids and Kusasa educate and now they are using computers – so good food and good education – leaders of the future?
Launching of Reading EggsOnwards and upwards! We recently received the good news the children who we feed t Isabelohroughood food and good education – leaders of the f
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