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Biltong and bacon vodkas

There are exciting things happening at Le Quartier Lounge Bar! We chatted to barman extraordinaire, Matthew Roberts about his latest creations—two vodkas; one flavoured with bacon, the other biltong.

Matthew Roberts

“We use a process called ‘fat-washing’,” says Matthew. “I’ve used this technique for a while now. It was made famous by PDT in New York with their Benton’s Old Fashioned: Bacon washed Bourbon, a la ‘Old Fashioned’.

Fat-washed spirits are often used for Bloody Marys, which is what we are working towards for Le Quartier Lounge Bar. Bloody Marys are something that I absolutely go nuts for, and LQF’s Bloody Mary Menu (coming this December) is going to be HUGE!

With this in mind I contacted Neil Jewell over at Bread & Wine and explained the process we would be using—and I could tell he was quite excited too!

He put together a couple of samples for us: a smoked pig fat, which lent the vodka the salty savoury taste of pork and the smokiness of bacon. The second, beef suet reduced down with pinotage, black pepper and coriander[ for the biltong version].

These fats were then placed into vacuum bags with vodka and slow cooked to allow the fats to interact as a liquid with the alcohol extracting as much flavour as possible. And the rest…is a secret.”

Thanks Matthew!

Le Quartier Lounge Bar is open from 12h00 – 24h00, the cocktail emporium is a stylish place to meet and relax in a comfortable yet trendy space.

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