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Mettwurst from Bread & Wine

When Neil Jewell first went to Australia in 2010 (for winning the SA leg of The Global Pizza Challenge), he went to a small German butchery in Barossa called Steinys Traditional Mettwurst, and discovered mettwurst.

So when he got home, he was inspired to make his own version. Mettwurst is fermented, raw spreadable sausage, and we recommend it be eaten on our fresh sourdough bread. Enquire about it at our deli, or if you’re in Cape Town pop into Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants.


Read below for more about the special butchery Neil discovered:

Steiny’s Traditional Mettwurst specialises in making the full range of small goods for which the Barossa is noted. A family owned company, only traditional methods of smoking and fermentation are used to give a uniquely Barossa product.

With mettwurst as its flagship product, their range includes bacon, pepperoni, lachschinken and other delicious meats, all high in protein and low in fat.  Starting with only the highest quality lean beef and pork, the products are cured and smoked with South Australian Riverland Mallee timber, giving them a unique flavour.

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