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How we say goodbye

Most people love a good food fight. And while us civilians may be stuck with boring things like fruit and vegetables—and if we’re lucky the occasional pie—chefs have an arsenal of wicked things to throw.

Recently our team of chefs bid goodbye to senior chef de partie, Elizabeth Ackermann—with the leftovers of the day. In the mix was oyster vichyssoise from the espuma gun, liquid beetroot and more.

Chef Liz

“Business is business,” said Margot Janse. “But when the day was done the team expressed their farewell feelings…

“Liz is great!” she enthused. “I am very, very proud of how she has grown into an amazing chef over the last three years. She has done a couple of overseas trips with me too. I hope Joburg is ready for her…”

Good luck Liz! We’ll miss you.

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