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Bread & Wine’s new menu

Bread & Wine has just re-opened with a brand spanking new kitchen. The entire operation was gutted and refurbished, and fitted with high-end inductors and cooking appliances, including a Big Green Egg for grilling and smoking.

But what would a new kitchen be, without a new menu? Featuring dishes such as, ‘Waygu topside with smoked potato gnocchi’ and ‘Duck and foie gras pot pie with sweetcorn pap’… it’s a winter winner!


Posted by: Susan Huxter
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  1. [...] Neil’s philosophy is to use only the best ingredients, this coupled with his insatiable creativity makes for a unique lunchtime menu that celebrates wineland’s cuisine. Feast on dishes such as, coco-dusted springbok loin, roasted Camembert and celeriac risotto, duck and foie gras pot pie, and much more. Click here for the latest menu. [...]

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