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Margot Janse in Food & Home magazine

Margot Janse is featured in the April edition of Food & Home at her country home in Franschhoek. The article jumps into her home life, which is punctuated by laughter, champagne, and family.

food and home magazine

The article includes recipes for:
Sticky ‘Farmer Angus’ beef short-ribs
Pickled cucumber and runner beans
Duncan’s Famous Pear Tarte Tatin
Egg yolk ravioli with mushroom ragout
Oysters with sour fig

food and home feature margot janse
Pickled cucumber and runner beans
Posted by: Susan Huxter
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2 Responses to “Margot Janse in Food & Home magazine”

  1. james martin says:

    I love this,so inspiring

  2. Edith Nagel says:

    Dear nice, what a wonderfull picture. Happy family together. Níce!!

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