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New Year’s foodie resolutions for 2013

The clock is ticking towards 2013 at a rapid rate, and with a new year comes resolutions, and of course, ours happen to be food related.

  1. Order something different at your local restaurant
  2. Eat less meat
  3. Buy organic and free range meat, it may be more expensive, so see the resolution above
  4. Try smoking dishes at home
  5. Eat what you’re afraid of (oyster haters we’re looking at you), you never know you might find you quite like it
  6. Support local and private business, the grocers, the cheese makers, the butchers
  7. Aim to eat with people you love, whether it be friends or family at least three times a week
  8. Invest in a good chef’s knife—your cooking skills will improve immediately
  9. Learn about other cooking oils; olive oil is not the be-all and end-all. Try rapeseed, grapeseed, peanut, sesame and coconut
  10. Ditch the cornflakes and eat an exciting breakfast at least once a week
  11. Eat off beautiful crockery, don’t save the good stuff for ‘one day’
  12. Quality above quantity always

What are yours?

Posted by: Susan Huxter
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One Response to “New Year’s foodie resolutions for 2013”

  1. Adriana Serritela says:

    Excellent list! I do all of the above except number 4 and 11.
    I have given up red meat im my case. My Argentinean relatives will frown upon this :-)
    Happy New Year!!! Wonderful memories of LQF!

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