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Kobus la Grange at is art

Kobus la Grange is a young, and very talented artist from Cape Town. How moving and evocative are his wood sculptures? Unreal. We’re pretty sure he could make Pinocchio a real boy too!

2012-11-17 14.04.02

2012-11-17 14.04.24

2012-11-17 14.19.14See the sculptures at is art.

Posted by: Susan Huxter
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2 Responses to “Kobus la Grange at is art”

  1. Charles Arton says:

    Hi Susan – how do I get hold of Kobus, or where can one see his sculptures for sale ?

  2. Malu says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for your interest, please contact Alisha at is art on 021 876 8443

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