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delicious family

Meet the family living on the walls of Delicious Hotel. Happy looking bunch aren’t they? Except they don’t have a name… Are they the Smiths? Is dad a banker and mom a homemaker?

Head to our Facebook page and give them each a name as well as a  little back story and you could win a night in the hotel followed by breakfast in The Common Room. Entries close 30 September.

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3 Responses to “Give us a name!”

  1. Raine Barter says:

    Meet the Brevard’s..7 year old Michel loves football and stealing grapes off the neighbour’s vines. Mom, Elodie is a house wife and passionate cook who convinced husband Franck to move to South Africa so she could work on her tan while dad is trying his hardest to lose the tie and start making his own wine with the neighbour. They love it here :)

  2. “La famille Twit” from Paris. Monsieur Twit is a conservative banker who explored his alter ego by working as a ringmaster in a travelling circus, Madame Twit ran away to the circus where she was shot out of a cannon twice a day. Since meeting and marrying Monsieur, she has acquired more respectable and bourgeois habits… although she can’t resist sporting her polka dot bikini now and then. Their child Xavier is budding nudist with delusions of grandeur – he believes he is the reincarnation of Louis the Sun King and compulsively waves at his subjects at every opportunity.

  3. Jolanda Joubert says:

    They are the “Joubert family” they live in the big city of Johannesburg. Dad is an Engineer
    And mom is an artist. Their son Greg goes to school and has a passion for animals. Once a year the Joubert family travel to Franschoek just to get away feom the hussle and bussle of the city life. They like to think of it as coming back to their “root” because you see the Dad’s great grandfather owned a winefarm in this region a hundred years ago. So Dad takes mom and Greg to visit this piece of history eveytime they are here. Dad has such wonderful memories. Mom gets inspiration for her art and Greg loves the outdoors. Franchoek revives the Joubert family every year.

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