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The Tasting Room makes it 8 years in the Eat Out Top 10

The Tasting Room has once again featured in South Africa’s annual Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant Awards. This year Margot and her team placed 3rd in the hotly contested Top 10 category.

It marks the 8th year we have been included in the Top 10 which also – according to Eat Out trivia – means that we’ve been in Top 10 more than any other restaurant. Awesome.

Congratulations to everyone else who made the Top 10 and to all those excellent restaurants who just missed out. You are delectable, and we are privileged to be included in any line-up with you!

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Gill-to-Tailfin Eating

The snout-to-tail concept has been around for some time now but when it comes to fish offal restaurants have been slower to adapt.

This coming year the gill-to-tailfin trend finds itself in full swim swing (sorry couldn’t resist). You can expect to see (and if you’re adventurous experience): terrine of monkfish liver in place of foie gras and pungent grated bottarga in lieu of Parmesan. Interesting …

Our favourite gill-to-tailfin treat has to be fried fish bones served as French fry-like treats. Nom nom.

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