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Be a Delicious Lab Rat!

From the 15th till the 30th of November 2011 our new Delicious Hotel in Franschhoek will be undergoing its clinical trial.

This means that all our rooms – The Teeny Weeny, The Itsy Bitsy and The Bigger than a Bikini – will be available at R475 per room. That’s half their usual rate for our Lab Rats. Awesome! Right?

But that’s not all … we’re going to Supe-Up your Delicious stay ON THE HOUSE. So that’s one Supe-Up -per person per booking – that is free, gratis and won’t cost you a dime.

Obviously this relatively symptom-free clinical trial comes with a few strings.

The Strings:

  • Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis for the period between the 15th of November and the 30th of November 2011.
  • You’ll need to pay in full for your stay before we can book it off completely. So no confirmed reservation before you shell out the dosh. Comprende?
  • Supe-Ups are not transferable. Absolutely no takesy-backsy.
  • Post clinical trial we’ll need you to take part in a short survey. We promise – cross our hearts – that it won’t take more than two minutes to complete.

To take part you can book through our Delicious Facebook Page or Delicious website.

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