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Who’s your Daddy?

This Father’s Day we’d like to help you spoil your dad.

Tell us – in 140 characters or less – why your Dad is the Dad of Dads, the Super Dad, the Dad that outshines all other Dads and we’ll reward the best Dad with a night for two at Le Quartier Français. We will even throw in a delish breakfast, a tasty lunch at Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant and a bottle of Môreson’s exceptional red blend – Mata Mata.

We will make the selection on Friday the 17th of June, just in time for Father’s Day on the 18th of June. Enter and knock your Dad’s socks, or stokies, off this Father’s Day.

It’s time to get typing. On your mark, get set, go!

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18 Responses to “Who’s your Daddy?”

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  2. Ilse van der Merwe says:

    My Dad always told me that he really believed in me and my abilities. I’ve always believed him. This played an invaluable part in the happy, confident person I am today!

  3. Sue Huxter says:

    Ilse your Dad sounds great!

  4. alisha erasmus says:

    My dad should be called McGuyver. He can fix everything. I grew up in a house with 3 sister, my mom a female mop dog and 3 female cats, so the hormones were all over the place 24/7. My dad used to play the guitar while my mom coocked dinner and we used to sing and dance around the table. My dad helped us with homework, came to our netball matches, picked us up from the sokkie, and he proudly drove us to the matric dance. My dad would give his last button on his shirt to make sure we are happy, and healthy. Today he is married to the best mom for almost 40 years, and a very young handsome grandpa to 5 grand-monsters. He is my best friend, my hero, my McGuyver. My dad…

  5. Sue Huxter says:

    Alisha your dad is Super Super. Does he come complete with a cape? Because he’d definitely give Superman a run for his money!

  6. Catherine Kannemeyer says:

    When my Dad recently became ill it forced me to realise how eventually he’ll be gone and what a gap that will leave. He is wise, self-made, reliable and an incredible provider who worked solidly to ensure his children were granted opportunities he never had. His sense of humour is an acquired taste as my friends who think of him as the “voice in the their head Dad” have realised from the many occasions my mum’s head hits the dining room table when he cracks a joke.

  7. Sue Huxter says:

    Catherine you’re Dad definitely sounds like a Super. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Alice Louw says:

    My dad’s beaten cancer twice. At 69 he’s still at the gym most days and does the Argus every year. He’s taught me that age is in your head!

  9. Sue Huxter says:

    Alice your Dad sounds amazing! Love the fact that he’s taught you that ‘age is in the head’. Fantastic.

  10. Li-Anne says:

    The lable on my wedding gown read “hand made with loving care, dad”. What a man and my golly Miss Molly, how he deserves this special treat !

  11. Emily says:

    The way his eyes light up when he sees children after an absence,a weekend or a year,hes given up so much so we can be happy. He is my hero.

  12. BelindaV says:

    My SUPER DAD erects tents in windy weather, cooks superb beef roasts (& washes up), fixes taps, grows prize pumpkins & hugs so awesomely that I feel as secure as a 5 year old!

  13. BelindaV says:

    Once upon a time a little girl was born. That day her dad discovered his superpowers and he aimed to be the most awesome, loving dad. My family lived happily ever after!

  14. Daniele says:

    My dad is the best dad in the world, because he taught me to enjoy the best things of life.
    When I was a child we definitely did not have much money. At month-end my father would ask us: “What do we do? We go out for a great meal in a fantastic restaurant and eat bread and peanut butter for the rest of the week? Or: we eat the whole week at home and have our normal meals.” Me, my sister and even my mom always chose The Restaurant!

    Furthermore: as a really small child from a very young age I was taught to eat the best things: huitres, homard, magret de canard, foie d’oie and so much more. We were not rich and during our holidays in France we stayed in cheap hotels but were always eating in the top restaurants.

    My fathers “joie de vivre” was the most important thing he gave me in my life – I will always love him for that!

  15. Daniele says:

    S&$t, I now see I am too late with my “Dad of Dads”-comment. I’m still convinced he deserves the QuartierFrancaisMargotJansenMoresonTastingRoomMissMolly-experience!
    Keep my comment for next year – he will become 90 years of age then.

  16. Daniele says:

    What do u mean by “my comment is awaiting moderation”? Protection of Information Bill?

  17. Sue Huxter says:

    We have had a flurry of late entries so we will
    be making our decision in the next hour.

    Unfortunately every comment has to go through moderation to avoid spam. :)

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