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Have you met Roger?

Roger is our assistant General Manager and he’s the person who makes the impossible possible. If we didn’t know better we’d swear he was a superhero!

We asked him, and those who spend a huge amount of time working with him, to tell us - in a few descriptive sentences – a little more about Roger.

Weirdest food fetish?

Dry cornflakes.

Interesting trivia?

I love to cook and often spend time with Margot on recipes.

Favourite item of clothing?

A grey winter jersey with a cream stripe.

Favourite car?

Anything vintage.


I am not a keen drinker but I do love learning about wines and you can often find me in our Wine Guru’s office asking for suggestions.

The dark side…

Occasionally I like a good whisky and I am a staunch Bulls supporter.

Your best quality?

To give the answer to this question credibility we had to ask the people he works with and they all came back with the same answer:

Patience. It rivals that of a Saint.

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