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Bookings are so 2010 …

A huge trend this year – in restaurants around the world – is the implementation of a no bookings policy. Yip no need to call ahead just pitch up and queue with the rest of lunch or dinner crew. This trend is spreading like wildfire abroad and – from the looks of things – it is working. People don’t seem to mind waiting for a table as much you’d think they would.

We’ve been in love with the no reservations concept for years! When we opened The Common Room we implemented this exact trend and we quickly discovered that – although it’s a cool idea – it’s not a concept South Africa is ready for … at least not yet. Maybe we should try again a year from now?

Posted by: Sue Huxter
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2 Responses to “Bookings are so 2010 …”

  1. I would certainly prefer a no reservations policy on Valentine’s day, so that my wife & I can get into a restaurant in Franschhoek on the 14th Feb..! We usually end up going to Paarl instead if we have not made a Booking…

  2. Sue Huxter says:

    That’s a very valid point. It’s incredibly difficult to find anywhere to eat, in Franschhoek, on Valentine’s Day. We will definitely investigate the ‘no valentine’s day’ reservation policy. Nice idea Geddan.

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