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The Rise of Riesling

Trivia: Riesling has been cultivated, in Germany, since the 1400’s.

I have discovered Riesling!

If you’ve never experience this varietal you can expect wines that range from bone-dry and crisp quaffers to complex, oily nectars made from the late harvest Botrytis-affected, shrivelled Riesling berries.

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy some really delicious German (Mosel) Rieslings, with friends, and my top international finds include:

The 2004 Wolfer Goldgrube, the Riesling Spatlese 2008 Wolfer Goldgrube, the Riesling Kabinett 2009, the Scharzhof Riesling 2007 Zilliken (Forstmeister Geltz) Saarburger Rausch and the Riesling Spatlese.

I so enjoyed my introduction to Riesling that I went in search of a great local version of this wine. What I stumbled upon was the Jordan Riesling 2009 – 100% Riesling harvested from 23 year old, unirrigated vines.

The Jordan Riesling 2009 is an off dry wine with an intense lemon and lime flavour and crisp fruitiness. It is subtle, light and thin on the palate with hints of spiciness. This is such an intriguing wine and I can’t wait to start combining it with food to experience the full spectrum of what it has to offer.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your wine collection try a Riesling

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