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What’s happening in the next month and a bit?

We hope you’re as excited as we are for season, summer and the general influx of visitors to the Western Cape? We’re really looking forward to seeing lots of our old friends and making a whole lot of new ones.

A lot has changed at Le Quartier Français this year – we’ve added an art gallery, an unusual and indigenous herb and sculpture garden, a new restaurant, new room refurbishments and more to our offering – and if you haven’t visited in a while you should because it’s looking, tasting and feeling spectacular!

But enough about us lets look at what we’re going to be focusing on here, on our blog, in the next month and a bit. In the inevitable lead up to 2011 – which we can no longer ignore with December a little over a week away – we’re going to be looking at some of our favourite wining, dining and gently reclining trends that have been forecast for 2011.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve found, from around the world, as much as we enjoyed finding it.

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