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Franschhoek artists at is art!

From 11h00 on the 31st of October 2010 to the 29th of November 2010 is art will be hosting an exhibtion showcasing the wealth of Franschhoek artistic talent.

Painters on display include: Annemarie van Heeren with her sensitive rendition of ‘bakkie’ people;  Johannes du Plessis with his accidental landscapes; Andrea Desmond-Smith with her mythical landscapes and figures; Jacqueline Crewe-Brown with her rich and layered canvases pregnant with symbolism; Achim von Arnim and his bursts of colour; Franchois Marais depicts well known figures in his accurate portraiture and Kerri Evans with her sensitive and masterly paintings.

The ceramicists on display include: David Walters, Sarah Walters, Sue van Rensburg and Vuisa Portina. Each bringing their own distinctive style and technique.

In addition Ingrid Bolton’s fine innovative works on paper, Cindy Douglas’s laser etched Zen stones, photography by our own Alisha Erasmus and Paddy Howes; and Stuart Douglas meticulously finished furniture will also be on show.

It’s going to be an exceptional exhibition and if you’re in the Franschhoek area you simply have to pop in!

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