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Congratulations to Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa!

Congratulations to the Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa who placed top-of-the-pops in the 2010 Condé Nast Travelers Readers Choice Awards Africa.

This is a wonderful achievement and a huge honour for Franschhoek. Well done Le Franschhoek!

P.S. The Saxon, in Johannesburg, and The Cape Grace placed second and third. Excellent work guys.

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What’s good on The Common Room menu?

Well obviously everything, on the Common Room menu, is delectable!

But even we have our favourite …

Why not pop in and try one or all of the following dishes-to-die-for:

  • Butter roasted Mozambican prawns / common sprinkle
  • Wild boar bitterballen / apple mustard
  • Little pan pizza / home made cheese / smoked tomato / basil


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Franschhoek artists at is art!

From 11h00 on the 31st of October 2010 to the 29th of November 2010 is art will be hosting an exhibtion showcasing the wealth of Franschhoek artistic talent.

Painters on display include: Annemarie van Heeren with her sensitive rendition of ‘bakkie’ people;  Johannes du Plessis with his accidental landscapes; Andrea Desmond-Smith with her mythical landscapes and figures; Jacqueline Crewe-Brown with her rich and layered canvases pregnant with symbolism; Achim von Arnim and his bursts of colour; Franchois Marais depicts well known figures in his accurate portraiture and Kerri Evans with her sensitive and masterly paintings.

The ceramicists on display include: David Walters, Sarah Walters, Sue van Rensburg and Vuisa Portina. Each bringing their own distinctive style and technique.

In addition Ingrid Bolton’s fine innovative works on paper, Cindy Douglas’s laser etched Zen stones, photography by our own Alisha Erasmus and Paddy Howes; and Stuart Douglas meticulously finished furniture will also be on show.

It’s going to be an exceptional exhibition and if you’re in the Franschhoek area you simply have to pop in!

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Back from Bangkok

Margot has just finished showcasing her award-winning cuisine in Bangkok.

For four evenings Margot was the guest chef at the Sukhothai Hotel where she prepared her acclaimed African Inspired Tasting Menu. From all the reports, emails and declarations of love that we’ve received the experience was a massive success. It seems that where ever in the world Margot goes she has a fan club. If you’ve experienced her cooking you’ll definitely understand why!

CC attribution mhonpoo on Flickr

Margot’s unique approach to food and dining ensures that her kitchen is consistently overflowing with innovative and creative energy. In this space Margot prides herself on developing exceptional and engaging culinary delights.

Each dish, created by Margot, is both truly refined and – at the same time – unexpectedly exciting and it is this contradiction that results in her menu’s outstanding balance and ensures that her cuisine is theatre.

We’re big fans of Margot and the magic she weaves!

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Successful Peninsula School Feeding Association Dinner

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) dinner, hosted at Reuben’s Restaurant in Franschhoek, was a huge success with a total of 240 children finding sponsorship.

100 guests, who each paid R370, attended the dinner with a twist: a menu designed around the ingredients used in the dishes the children eat everyday. Ingredients used included: dehydrated vegetables, pilchards in tomato sauce, baked beans, samp, soya, lentils, cabbage, rice, jam and fruit.

The chefs’ – Margot Janse, Reuben Riffel, Neil Jewell and Darren Roberts – did an excellent job. With each managing to turn these seemingly normal ingredients into delectable fine dining cuisine.

Who knew dehydrated vegetables and pilchards in tomato sauce could look and taste so delicious?

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The Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden

A few pictures from the new Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden at is art:

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The Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden Opens!

Yesterday, Sunday the 17th of October 2010, is art – in conjunction with Le Quartier Français – launched The Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden.

The garden, designed by Sue Norman, showcases indigenous and unusual herbs personally selected by Margot Janse; and it now serves as a private herb pantry for use in the exceptional dishes created – by Margot and her team – in The Tasting Room and The Common Room restaurants.

The Indigenous and Unusual Herb Garden, not content with being just a garden, moonlights as an extraordinary Contemporary Sculpture Garden.

In true is art style only South African sculptors will be showcased in the Indigenous and Unusual Herb and Sculpture Garden. The sculptors, on show for the opening, are Angus Taylor and Guy du Toit. Angus will be showing his latest wood stick figures as well as a monumental female bronze and granite figure. While Guy is bound to entertain, and captivate imaginations, with his larger than life bronze dancing bunnies and flocks of birds all cast in bronze.

If you’re in the area pop in, we’d all love to see you!

You’ll find is art at 16 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek. It’s open daily from 10h00 to 17h00. For more info give us a call on 021 876 8443 or email us isart@lqf.co.za

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When good technology goes bad

Magnetic disks, instead of hotel room keys or those frustrating cards, are very cool and super sleek. Just not in a country that is so well known for its wet climate it’s affectionately nicknamed Mud Island.

CC attribution kmevans on Flickr

After your fourth failed attempt at opening your hotel room door – to escape from the howling wind and driving rain – you realize that magnetic disks and permanently wet door handles are not a winning combination.

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Have you seen the Missoni Hotel?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an iconic Italian fashion house, say Missoni, tried their hand at luxury hospitality?

Well you can finally find out because just off the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh on the George IV Bridge, you’ll discover the new Missoni Hotel.

Here there is a strong focus on design, fashion, quality and comfort (thank goodness). Lots of black and white with splashes of colour, and those unmistakable Missoni prints, add delicious animation and personality to the space.

If you can’t get to Edinburgh the rumble in the jungle is that Missoni is looking into exporting their dream lodging designs to Cape Town. Fingers crossed!

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Cutting edge technology isn’t always the answer

The big trend now is to hide the unsightly and streamline the experience by incorporating impossible to use technology.

Sure it might look spectacular but when I can’t find the temperature control unit or get the TV to work – after 30 minutes of intense instruction reading, trial and error and room-tearing-apart – it doesn’t fill me with that warm and fuzzy feeling luxury hotels aim for.

CC attribution sammy0716 on Flickr

A true luxury hotel room should always offer the right balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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