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The Common Room opens at Le Quartier Français

Our new restaurant addition – The Common Room – offers diners a menu packed full of lip smacking delights designed to serve as snacks or the building blocks of a more substantial meal. Fish pops with chakalaka ketchup, bone marrow with salsa verde crust and chocolate and milk ice cream sandwich are just a few of the WOW-bites on offer.

The menu and The Common Room experience have been designed by Margot Janse to reflect her belief that “food is constantly evolving and everyday dining should have an element of nostalgia about it, evoking memories of the good times; and these good times don’t have to be a huge financial investment. In fact in The Common Room we’ve stuck to a heavy on the taste but light on the pocket approach.

Occupying the space previously used by iCi, Le Quartier Français’s, bistro-style restaurant, The Common Room is poised to become the local grazing ground; the perfect place to relax and linger with friends over a tasty dish or two.

Here guests can meet up for drinks and snacks or pop in, sans reservation, for a scrumptious breakfast, lunch or dinner. In a truly delightful twist The Common Room has a strict no reservations policy. This ensures that it is refreshingly first-come first-serve in its attitude towards grazing.

The Common Room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is open from 07h30 till late, 7 days a week.

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