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The Greening of Le Quartier Français

We are constantly tweaking our offering and looking for the right ways to improve it for our guests; and at the same time we are actively reducing the impact these improvements have on our environment.

The most recent Le Quartier Français guest-experience improvement has been the renovation of our two Auberge Suites. These two suites now feature redesigned and refurbished bathrooms, lounges and solar heating throughout.

This means that when you check into a Le Quartier Français Auberge Suite you can enjoy all the luxuries and help the environment at the same time!

In addition to our new solar heated Auberge Suites the following areas of Le Quartier Français already showcase our greener approach:

  1. The swimming pools – they are all solar heated
  2. The restaurants – here our biggest geyser has been fitted with an inverter. This ensures that it uses four times less electricity to heat than a regular geyser
  3. Local produce – a significant portion of the produce, used in the restaurants, is sourced locally.

At Le Quartier Français we are committed to offering our guests the most exceptional experience and, at the same time, consistently and sustainably reducing the impact that experience has on the environment.

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