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How far would you go?

This weekend I will be up in Johannesburg to help look after some out of town visitors. They are here to watch the 2010 World Cup Final and, through no fault of ours, their reservations were misplaced by a Johannesburg Guest House.

In fact they’re not Le Quartier Français guests but we recommended the Johannesburg Guest House in question; and sometimes to be successful in our line of work you have to go above and beyond the call of duty.

To ensure that their stay, in Johannesburg, is nothing short of exceptional we have rented a beautiful house and we’ve flown up a fantastic mini Le Quartier Français team.

I’ve been included as an multi-functional member of this team and that means that I’ll definitely be involved in the housekeeping side of things.

I foresee lots of washing, ironing and bed-making in my near future.

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