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What should top hotels realistically expect guests to pay for?

I recently read a short article – you’ll find it here – and it got me thinking.

As hoteliers I believe that we often forget what is really important and what adds real value to a guest’s experience. Somehow, and I think this happens in all industries (not just tourism), we believe that in the hallowed-halls of our own establishments the things that irritate us – when we are paying customers elsewhere – don’t apply.

When I’m a guest there are a few specific things that don’t work for me and I’ve worked hard to ensure that Le Quartier Français guests never have to experience them. Because, apart from the fact that they irritate me, I think that they have the ability to ruin a premium hotel experience.

I’m very interested to find out what your pet hotel peeves are? What has the ability to ruin your entire stay at a luxury establishment?

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