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Lannice Synman

It was with great sadness that I learnt yesterday that Lannice Snyman: friend, author and respected culinary guru had passed away in the early hours of the morning. At moments like this I find myself wondering about the fairness of life … life where such a wonderful, gifted, passionate person – a person who has so much to give – had to leave the world too soon, way before their time.

I have known Lannice for over 30 years and we have shared a love of food, traveling and – most importantly – family and friends.  On a professional front I think all restaurateurs and chefs respected Lannice’s views because she really had been there and done it! Lannice knew what it was like to be behind the stoves and how to cope with the pressures of everyday in a restaurant. She introduced the first real restaurant awards. She was always brutally honest and fiercely loyal.

Over the years Lannice and I ate in London and Paris, we explored all sorts of shops, we laughed together and shared many a difficult time together. But in the 30 years I knew Lannice I also knew that what really made her eyes light up, and her face radiant, was her family. She adored Mike – her husband who she met at school and shared the rest of her life with - and her two daughters, Tamsin and Courtney. They were the centre of her universe and I think that Lannice considered, the day she became a grandmother, her greatest achievement.

When we returned from the 2010 S. Pellegrino World Top 50 awards, in London, we all remarked that the one thing that was missing was Lannice. I was fortunate enough, along with Margot, to have visited Lannice last week. Both Margot and myself enjoyed an extraordinary hour with Lannice. We discussed food, dinners in Paris, 30 years of friendship and just how bad hospital food really is! I will forever treasure this hour with Lannice, it was a gift.

Lannice – my dear friend – we will continue to strive to be better. We will miss your advise, your input and your smile. You will be with us in spirit whenever we enjoy a meal in a restaurant that we have read about, researched and traveled half way around the world to get to. You were our mentor, our sounding board, our fiercest critique and above all our dear friend.

We will miss you Lannice.

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