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Mrs Ndaba Update

When we introduced Ndaba Fridays (at the end of 2009) we hoped that, by the end of 2010, would be able to feed the 68 Mrs. Ndaba toddlers every day of week.

We began this initiative with just our Mrs. Ndaba Fridays Culinary Concierge Programme.

Through this programme, interested Le Quartier Français guests are given the opportunity to bake and deliver nutritious muffins to the toddlers every Friday.

On the very first day of the Mrs Ndaba Fridays Programme, one of our guests – Mr Tuesday – liked the concept so much that he decided to sponsor food for a year of Mrs. Ndaba Tuesdays.

A little later on Meneer Wednesday, who hasn’t yet stayed at Le Quartier Français, decided that he too wanted to sponsor a years worth of Mrs. Ndaba days.  So Mrs Ndaba Wednesdays was introduced!

Then along came Mr and Mrs Thursday, Mr and Mr Monday and (most recently) Mr and Mrs Friday. Suddenly, in far less time than we originally anticipated, we have secured five days a week worth of meals for Mrs. Ndaba’s 68 toddlers.

The Ndaba Fridays Programme has proven to be awe-inspiring. It has been amazing and humbling to witness, first hand, how many good and generous people there are in world who are all looking for sustainable ways to change the lives of those in need.

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