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Le Quartier Français in South America

Margot, Linda and myself are – as I write this – in South America.

We are here for a whole lot of work related reasons. We’re here to promote Franschhoek and Le Quartier Français as a destination; and we are also here to explore new and unusual tastes and some very interesting restaurants. South America, from a culinary perspective, is doing some extraordinary things. Given that the experience we offer our guests is so heavily rooted in gastronomy we believe it’s vital to constantly explore what other talented chefs, on different continents, are doing. On this trip we will be spending time in São Paolo (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

One of the places we’ll be dining at is KINOSHITA; it is considered, by those in the know, to be Brazil’s best Japanese restaurant. From what we’ve heard (which is a lot) KINOSHITA is ultra-modern and an experience in itself. So, as you can imagine, we can’t wait for our taste of KINOSHITA!

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3 Responses to “Le Quartier Français in South America

  1. Luis says:

    Oh what i would do to be the porter on this gorgeous trip your three ladies !!!!
    Have fun and come back with some more great eating ideas :)

  2. Sue Huxter says:

    Thank Luis! We will. :)

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