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BaaFana Burger

We are delighted to announce that Lamb Burger’s soccer mad nephew is in town!

BaaFana Burger arrived, in South Africa, last Friday. He’s a very busy chap but he has promised us that every Friday from now, until the end of the 2010 World Cup, he will make an appearance.

This means that every Friday – until the end of World Cup – you can enjoy a BaaFana Burger, chips, a glass of Miss Molly wine and the free Friday night movie in our Screening Room! All this fun and delicious food for just R120 per person.

We only have 30, yes that’s right ONLY 30, BaaFana Burgers available each Friday so – if you’d like to sink your teeth into Lamb Burger’s delicious nephew – you need to book fast.

To view the Le Quartier Français Screening Room movie schedule click here.

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