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The Delancey Street Foundation

This weekend past we had Dr. Mimi Halper Silbert and her team stay at Le Quartier Français (Dr Silbert is, among other things, a master chef and she came to experience The Tasting Room).

Dr Silbert is phenomenal women who, in 1971 with only a thousand dollar loan, decided she wanted to create a place where substance abusers, former felons, the homeless and others who had hit their rock bottom could – through their own efforts – turn their lives around. It is her belief, and the belief of the Delancey Street Foundation (which she founded), that the people who are the problem can become the solution.

Through Dr Silbert’s Delancey Street Foundation Project thousands of American lives have been forever changed and she is here to advise on setting up a similar programme in South Africa.

It is really so inspiring to meet someone who is making such a life changing and sustainable difference in people’s lives.

Dr Silbert checking on one of the Delancey Foundation Projects - a Christmas Tree market.

Dr Silbert checking on one of the Delancey Street Foundation Projects - a Christmas Tree Market.

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