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Mrs. Ndaba’s Meneer Wednesday

Given that it’s Wednesday we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Mrs. Ndaba’s Meneer Wednesday.

Last year, while I was at Harvard, a classmate of mine (born is South Africa and living in Canada) liked the idea of Mrs. Ndaba, her children and giving back.

He actually loved the concept so much that he has become our Meneer* Wednesday and he is responsible for the meal Mrs. Ndaba’s children receive every Wednesday throughout 2010.

Mrs Ndabas 2010 Wednesday Meal.

Mrs Ndaba's 2010 Wednesday Meal.

Through their generosity Mr Tuesday and, more recently, Meneer Wednesday make a big difference in a lot of small local Franschhoek lives.

Meneer Wednesday welcome to the Mrs. Ndaba Family!

*Meneer is Afrikaans for Mr.

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