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Growing the Future Project

I recently got involved with a great project, run by Grootbos Nature Reserve, called Growing the Future.

The Growing the Future project teaches eight local women (per year) everything they need to know about food production. During the course of the year they are trained in the growing of vegetables and fruit, beekeeping and the principles of successful animal husbandry.

My involvement in this project takes the form of being the fairy godmother to a fynbos pig known fondly as The Tart. I assist The Tart, on a monthly basis, by contributing to her feeding expenses (and The Tart is a pig that likes to eat).

The Tart has just turned eight months old and she weighs a very healthy 80 kg

The Tart has just turned eight months old and she weighs a very healthy 80 kg


The Tart is part of the animal husbandry section of the Growing the Future project and she will be introduced to a handsome visiting boar in the next few weeks. If all goes according to plan there will soon be a farrow of piglets.

This farrow will then, when they’ve grown to the right size, be sold to the Grootbos Lodge for the same price they would normally pay (for pork) in a supermarket. The money generated through this sale, and all subsequent sales, is used to sustain the people participating in the Growing the Future project.

If you’re interested in becoming a Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) you can find out more about helping the Growing the Future project here.

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