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Môreson set to lauch new look Cap Classique at the 2009 Franschhoek Champagne Festival

Môreson will be launching their new look Méthode Cap Classique at this years Franschhoek Champagne Festival. We’re one of the few groups of people who’ve been permitted a sneak peak and we can no longer contain our delight … the new Môreson Cap Classique labels, and new packaging, are gorgeous!

If you’re at the 2009 Franschhoek Champagne Festival you can pick up a case of six, or three cases of six, from the charming and rather cute Môreson crew. There will also be a whole lot of other Cap Classique and Champagne available for tasting. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the Franschhoek Information website.

* The new look Môreson Cap Classique is the first addition to the 2009 hand-selected Le Quartier Français stocking filler list.

Posted by: Sue Huxter
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